We are looking for franchisee partners to expand the CrackISB network to 75+ cities with 250+ franchise partners. Our franchisee model promises very good Return on Investment in comparison to any other franchisee models. This partnership is for the graduates/Alumni of ISB and the business model promises 100% guaranteed revenues at almost no cost, while you can continue working full time (If you desire). Under exceptional circumstances we offer our franchise partnership to non-ISB graduates based on the prior business experience and education.

In terms of requirements, all you need is about 900 square feet of space with a wireless internet connection, telephone, about 6 plug points, basic infrastructure for students, segregated from the front office. In addition, two staff members (A Sales executive and a receptionist cum counselor who will be trained by CrackISB mentoring team) are all what is needed. Coaching is to be provided ONLY by ISB alumni (Either in the morning or weekends. Additional time is at your discretion). The unique business model guarantees that you have absolutely no risk at all. We are proud to have the lowest possible start-up costs in the Industry with the highest ROI.

Branding, marketing, leads generation, ERP management tools, complete course material (Course slides, CrackISB branded text books, online exams, online trainings etc) will be completely provided by the central CrackISB team. If desired, your office management will be completely managed by the CrackISB team either on a temporary basis or permanent basis.

We would be pleased to have you be our partner, and help bright students and professionals achieve their career goals and help you see your business soar and be on your path to become an entrepreneur at your convenience and time of choosing.

Hurry and Join us today! The first 50 franchise partners from ISB are eligible for a special franchising deal. Contact us for more details.

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