DEXTEROUS REVIEW, most popularly known as CRACK ISB, is considered THE BEST test prep company forAbout Crack ISB its unparelled GMAT training and admission services. Having driven hundreds of aspirants to 720+ scores, paving a path to ISB and other Ivy League business schools, we widen our horizons to cater our high standard test prep services for SAT, GRE, TOEFL, IELTS aspirants. Our teaching programmes and standards, for which several aspirants fly from even far off places to Hyderabad, are highly revered in academic circles, visit www.crackisb.in to know more about us.


All are ISB and Top Business School (such as LBS, Cranfield, Stanford etc.) Alumni who have themselves scored more than 730+ in GMAT,2200+ in SAT and have detailed knowledge of MBA admissions committees for many Top business schools.


The best thing we, as a test prep company, could offer to a student is undoubtedly THE TRAINERS, who are instrumental behind not just plethora of top scores but also behind our reputation as an ultimate choice for high quality instruction. All of our trainers are well experienced, real test takers with optimum scores and are certified by various international organizations such as PEARSON VUE, ETS.


Well researched, comprehensive, scrupulously prepared course material that covers all possible concepts in tests to drive an aspirant towards the best scores.


Our sectional test approach is so unique that each student has to clear multiple sectional tests of increasing difficulty, before attempting online adaptive mock tests. Personalized expert reviews are given for each test performance, instigating aspirants to sharpen their skills while focusing on miner nuances in test areas.


Our mock tests are very accurate to the actual tests, and are completely adaptive. They can be accessed from anywhere by just logging in to our website. All of our tests are with detailed answer explanations and concept videos.


Our class strength is strictly limited (say 8-10 participants), giving a privilege for trainers to focus on every participant’s progress personally. Unlike other test prep companies, our batches are not rotational, enabling our participants to learn concepts in the right sequence.


For both MBA and MS universities. You can connect with MBA Alumni from top universities like Wharton, Kellogg, Harvard, Duke, Stanford, LBS, Cranfield etc. MS Alumni connect allows you to contact several Alumni in various universities all over the world for help with initial stay, Scholarship help, on campus internships and guidance when you first visit the university.